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fluent-plugin-elasticsearch (1 contribution)

Quartz (1 contribution)

Quartz project page
QTZ-336 : Race condition can prevent a Job from being executed again in the next 23 to 30 seconds

Gatling (2 contributions)

Gatling project page
#476 : No entry is selected in the reporting menu if a request name contains the character [
#475 : Typos in the wiki

Groovy (2 contributions)

Groovy project page
GROOVY-4843 : Mocking a method with byte[] parameter type throws a ClassCastException: ArrayList cannot be cast to Number

Grails (5 contributions)

Grails project page
GRAILS-7231 : Internal documentation engine produces broken links in index.html and grails doc -pdf does not work anymore
GRAILS-7158 : ConfigurationHolder.flatConfig is not reset during test units
GRAILS-6800 : transitive dependency of plugin is not evicted by direct project dependency
GRAILS-6483 : MvcUnitTestCase#reset() might throw "IllegalStateException: Unable to reset response if already committed"
GRAILS-6224 : Support checkbox fields on nested command objects with Spring data binding

Jackrabbit (12 contributions)

Jackrabbit project page
JCR-2421 : Unable to create repository using jackrabbit-webapp because a directory called "jackrabbit" already exists
JCR-2389 : Update dependency versions for commons-collections, slf4j and derby
JCR-2297 : Registering multiple node types with the same name in a single file must fail
JCR-2224 : Change access levels in SearchIndex and NodeIndexer for better inherance
JCR-2171 : Deadlock in SharedItemStateManager on session.move and
JCR-2057 : When creating multiple repository instances pointing to the same home, opening a second session will remove the .lock file
JCR-134 : Unreferenced VersionHistory should be deleted automatically.
JCR-1650 : XPathQueryBuilder may not handle multiple jcr:deref correctly
JCR-1558 : Namespace not registered yet prevent BundleDbPersistenceManager to detect already existing root node and leads to workspace initialization failure in a cluster environment
JCR-1493 : Root exception not logged in ClusterNode for ClusterException
JCR-1435 : Choose the MySQL engine for database storage (default to MyISAM)
JCR-1408 : Invalid query results when using jcr:like with a case transform function and a pattern not starting with a wildcard

CAS (2 contributions)

CAS project page
CASC-101 : TicketValidator implementations are not easily extensible
CAS-823 : Provide URL when logging an error because of a failing logout message request

RRD4J (1 contribution)

#10 : ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 when generating a graph (gridind = -1)

SquirrelMail (1 contribution)

Spring (5 contributions)

Spring project page
SEC-1592 : CAS proxy receptor requests must not pass through the filter chain
SPR-8476 : Use 400 Bad request instead of 500 when JSON payload is well formed but has an invalid structure
SPR-6304 : Wrapped Hibernate SQLGrammarException loses the potential SQL statement that caused the exception
SPR-4700 : Add single checkbox input macro for Velocity and Freemarker
SPR-4635 : Add NDB error codes to sql-error-codes.xml

MySQL (1 contribution)

MySQL project page
#35990 : Error code 1062 to 1296 (unknown) after setting sql_mode to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES

Ivy integration into Eclipse IDE (2 contributions)

Ivy integration into Eclipse IDE project page
IVYDE-106 : Retrieve after resolve feature does not fetch only accepted jar types artifact
IVYDE-105 : Retrieve after resolve feature does not clean target directory first

iBatis for Java (3 contributions)

iBatis for Java project page
IBATIS-536 : Errors when using PreparedStatement.setNull(i,Types.OTHER) on some RDBMS
IBATIS-516 : Change exception message when a setter can not be invoked
IBATIS-479 : Typo on com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.conifg package

OSWorkflow (10 contributions)

WF-489 : Nested expression query fails with Oracle (ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended)
WF-466 : Missing setDueDate on SimpleStep
WF-465 : JCR (JSR 170) workflow store
WF-444 : Missing global actions in checking for an implicit finish
WF-401 : Adding version into jar manifest
WF-397 : Visibility of the inner class com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.XMLWorkflowFactory.WorkflowConfig
WF-396 : Limitation while inheriting MySQLWorkflowStore
WF-395 : Unable to compile OSWorkflow from Ant script
WF-389 : conditions and condition xml element order in Workflow description
WF-386 : Duplicate entry constraint with MySQLWorkflowStore

Jetty (2 contributions)

Jetty project page
JETTY-558 : Jetty behind a reverse proxy and request.getServerName()
JETTY-407 : Response handled before finishing request parsing using AJP connector with chunked data

PDFBox (1 contribution)

PDFBox project page
#1185058 : Invalid character while extracting text from a chinese pdf