Sébastien Launay

  • Canadian permanent resident.
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  • Last update:
    January 3rd, 2022.

Technical Lead - Data Platform

As a technical lead software engineer, I enjoy tackling large scale data challenges.
Designing distributed yet simple systems is something I am passionate about. Constantly learning about new technologies, approaches and problem solving skills makes this always evolving field exciting.
I take pride mentoring juniors so that they see the value of shipping quality software, building clean architecture and reducing operational complexity.

Professional Experience

Since June 2015 Technical Lead - Reporting Data Platform at Cisco in Vancouver, Canada
  • Building and operating a highly available and fault tolerant reporting Data Platform for Cisco Umbrella from collection (37 global DCs) to storage (6 million events/s streamed at peak, 45 TiB per day) and analytics using AWS.
  • Mentoring juniors on designing simple, secure and efficient quality streaming data pipelines.
Since August 2009 Committer and PMC member on Jackrabbit at the Apache Software Foundation
2011 - 2015 Senior Software Engineer (Web, Java) at Sierra Wireless in Vancouver, Canada
2009 - 2011 Software Engineer and Open Source expert at Sierra Wireless in Toulouse, France
2005 - 2009 Technical expert, leader and trainer at Anyware Technologies in Toulouse, France
  • Product development, project management, expertise, training and pre-sales on Ametys (CMS and DMS solutions).
  • Design and implementation of a HA web SSO system with load balancing.


Computer languages
  • Go, Java, Python, Groovy, Bash, JS, C.
  • Gradle, Maven, Makefile.
  • AWS Lambda, Hadoop (HDFS, M/R, Spark), Spring, Quartz.
  • JUnit, Mockito.
  • ClickHouse, HBase, AWS (DynamoDB, Athena, S3).
  • MySQL, Oracle, Redis, LMDB, Lucene.
  • Kafka (Streams, Connect, Mirroring, Schema Registry), AWS (SQS, SNS).
  • Terraform, AWS (EC2, SSM), Docker, Ansible.
  • AWS (LB, Cloudfront, Route53), NGINX, Apache HTTP Server.
  • REST, Avro, LDAP.
Software engineering
  • Agile (Lean, Kanban, Scrum, XP), Design Patterns, K.I.S.S., YAGNI.
  • TLS/X.509, AWS (ACM, PCA), OAuth, SSO (Jasig CAS).
  • SOC 2, FedRAMP.
  • Vim, Intellij IDEA, Git, Jenkins, pprof, JProfiler.
  • JIRA, Confluence, Github, Grafana.
  • Nagios, PagerDuty.
Operating Systems
  • GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, Arch Linux, Slackware).
  • MacOSX.
  • French (native speaker).
  • English spoken everyday by living in British Columbia.
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish.


2002 - 2005 Engineer/Master's degree from INSA of Toulouse, France in Computer science
2000 - 2002 DUT in Computer science at the I.U.T. A of Toulouse, France


Hobbies: Technology Intelligence, Open Source contributor, Woodworking, Movies and TV shows.
Sports: Mountain Biking (XC, AM, DH), Ski touring, Hiking.